slip cast mini skillets, resin, found objects
The Burners On is an ongoing series of handmade slip cast mini pans that serve pauses within larger feeling universes. Kind of like the pic you take of your meal at a restaurant before you eat it. You’re a little embarrassed by it but you want to remember how whole and succinct and beautiful it was before you consumed it and broke it down and it moved through you and became apart of you. It embarrasses me a little-to suggest these things could be distilled into one final forever form. You can’t eat these meals. But they can become apart of you. You won’t put anything in your mouth. But you’ll consume it if you choose. The pan is an invitation to the larger notion explored in video.
I don’t want these phrases to feel like kitchy cliches at a craft store. They are quite specific and dearly personal and beloved Ellie Levy coined them “inner monologue mantras”. I see the objects like invitations into a universe, one that is expanded in video form, coming soon, like the video touched down for just a moment and left these few words behind. I like language that is sharp and short and specific but doesn’t give you everything and falls out of your mouth at the end of a months worth of rocking-chair-phone calls and the-oatmeal-is-on-the-stove-morning-rants. 

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