Camille Casemier is a multimedia artist and performer currently residing in Chicago, Illinois, USA. She graduated from the University of Michigan with a dual degree between the School of Art and Design and the School of Music, Theater, and Dance, studying under Holly Hughes. Prior to receiving her BFA, Camille attended the New School in New York City and studied dance-making under Eiko Otake. 
Camille creates original performance works, in the style of performance lectures using self designed multimedia sets that employ live video and a range of antiquated and contemporary technologies. As a movement artist, sculptor of metal, plaster, clay, and wood, an essayist, and a video artist; Camille’s work is contained as performance but with an expanded notion of a stage and an audience. Her practice lives in many disciplines that orient themselves through research based inquiries of meaning and matter. The inquiries are structured by investigating a single object, idea, or word, unveiling the complexity of the social fabric that has informed it historically, culturally, and intellectually, scaffolded by her own personal narrative.
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