"The Creative Body" was a performance that I created and toured around South East Michigan, notably in the Detroit Fringe Festival 2017. This piece considered removing the spectacle of performance from the performers body, combining projection, sound, and a ten foot paper mâché puppet hung on a stage. 
"Form Predates Perform" is a solo work that considers the elasticity of a screen and the potential form of a performer. This piece uses two projectors and an elastic cocoon. 
"Hosting Myself" was an experiment in alternatives for low budget performance. What if I create my own miniature venue and project multiple videos of myself?
I am also a puppeteer. This is one of my cranky puppet pieces. A cranky puppet show is a performance that uses a cranking mechanism to progress through evolving images on a scroll.
"The New Washer Woman" is a self directed video art performance exploring visual and sonic traces of the act of washing.
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