Camille Casemier

Festival of Fools, Burlington, Vermont.
This summer I will be working with a group of high schoolers to build "The Live Eye Tele-Tubes." This will be a sculptural installation created with students of Two Roads Academy for the 2019 Festival of Fools, hosted by the Generator and Burlington City Arts. 
The Live Eye Tele-Tubes will be stacked rectangular wooden tubes varying in shape, size, and their contents. These tubes will operate as compartments that house various interactive environments providing viewers opportunities to play with light, shadow, live video, and projection. 
Students will work with both analog and new media technology to design and produce these light play spaces, drawing inspiration from kaleidoscopes to closed circuit televisions. Students of Two Roads Academy will apply design-thinking to a range of hands on skill sets such as carpentry, projection mapping, laser cutting, and interactive tech in an environment of encouraging makers.